Creative Design Approch

Creating inspiring, functional and branded design is the goal of our full-service design offerings.

Design & Consultation

During our first meeting we will discuss the scope of your project, your goals and your budget. We’ll collect a wide range of information on your project and business.

Site Measurement

This on- site meeting generally occurs within two weeks after the letter of agreement and retainer is received. We will take detailed measurements and photographs of all the spaces involved in your project, to ensure the architectural plans are an accurate representation of the current space.

Space Planning

Proper space planning is crucial to a well-designed and functionable space. After all the measurements have been taken we will develop floor plans for each room. Floor plans allow us to determine what pieces will best fit into the space, how traffic patterns will flow through each room, and ensure we meet applicable codes.

Design Concept

After a floor plan has been selected, we begin developing a color scheme that communicates your brand message, and sourcing furniture, fixtures and materials. Custom furniture may be designed where needed. Materials for flooring, walls, counters and cabinetry are selected.

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Abdul Salam Khan

About ask design CREATIVE CONCEPTS

Established in 2000, “ask design” is the brainchild of the talented Abdul Salam Khan whose passion for design, innovation and re-invention was supplemented with formal academics in 1993 with an extensive course at the M H Saboo Siddik Polytechnic, Mumbai

With over 22 years of design experience and 15 years of teaching experience at reputed Architectural colleges of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. He also started his own design academy – Academy of Art & Design at Nerul, Navi Mumbai in the year 2001, where along with Interior Design courses, Fashion Design courses are also conducted.

His stint at Saboo Siddik was followed up with an intensive professional experience at one of the India’s leading design firm – Associated Architects. Guided by the able and renowned master Ar. Mahesh Khanolkar.

Staunch believer of working as a team, Salam’s creative and technical staff is grouped in teams that follow projects all the way through from concept to completion. Each team comprises of team leaders and team members with expertise in various aspects like project management, visualization, design development etc. Our team of architects and designers strive constantly to create projects that stand out because of the distinct approach towards design, detail and the latest technology. Research is critical to be competitive in an ever-evolving international design market.

Prof. Salam Khan

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We Design Interiors for #Residential | #Commercial | #Hospitality | #Institutional | #Healthcare | #Entertainment | #Leisure | #CivilWork | #Flooring | #Tiling | #FalseCeiling | #ElectricalWork | #POP | #Plumbing | #ModularKitchen | #Painting