One of the biggest arenas for designers is residential design, or the interiors of spaces in which people live. This can include houses, apartments, condos, and anywhere else where people reside. The architect may build the house, but it’s the designer’s job to make it a home.

The object of the designer is to create interiors that fit the functioning of clients’ homes, but also reflect each client’s personal taste. A home is a personal space and excellent residential interior design personalizes the designs of homes.

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Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Designs – A modular kitchen is any kitchen where there are assigned storage spaces for every type of item. Explore our gallery to find thousands of trendy kitchen designs for every kitchen shape & theme along with instant estimates. Personalized designs that reflect who you are. Meet Our Designers. Get An Exclusive Designer, Multiple Detailed Meetings and a Detailed Design. Modular kitchen design offers a huge collection of stylish, customized, latest and best modular kitchen design.

Bedroom Designs (Double Beds)

Bedroom Designs (Double Beds) – A bedroom should be a place to relax after a long day. A collection of our favorite bedroom designs to help you #GetDecorated. So opt for bedroom layouts with lots of storage ideas like a high bed with lots of room for boxes and rolling under-bed space.  Choose from the largest collection of Bed Room Design & Decorating Ideas to add style at Bedroom.